3D Beats

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Born in Riverside, California, 3D Beats became interested in hip hop at an early age. After seeing MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This music video at the age of 7, all he wanted to do was; rap, wear baggy pants, and watch MTV. This lead to 3D becoming addicted to Yo! MTV Raps where he would see acts such as A Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul that would go on to influence his sound. 3D started to write raps in 8th grade. At the age of 18 he started making his own beats. 3D took a break from rapping and added the “Beats” to end of his rap moniker to show people that he was serious about only making instrumentals. While the hiatus from rapping didn’t last, it wouldn’t be long before 3D Beats would step back in front of the mic.

In December of 2009 3D Beats would release his 1st project, Superfly in 3D. Inspired by Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly soundtrack. 3D sampled every song off the album. To promote the project he started to book numerous shows around Southern California and became known for the exuberant amount of energy he would bring to the stage. Despite his intial successes, 3 never forgot his roots. He began to refocus his energies into promoting the group he started out with, Gritty Swing. Frustrated by the lack of results, 3D fell into a dark place musically and out of this came a very grimey mixtape entitled Expected the Unexpected. At the end of the recording process 3D decided to have a little fun recording for a change and record a song called B.S. (Beard Swag). The song, would later become 3D’s calling card. Hip hop heads from around the Inland Empire would wait in anticipation to hear 3D (or “The Beard Guy” as he was popularly being called) rap. The song showed 3D how much people would embrace him just for being himself.

3D has released The Guest List EP which features many other up-and-coming emcees from The Inland Empire over 3D’s beats, in July 2012. 3D Beats has recently finished his second full length album, Perception/Reality which was released February 2013.

Notable Achievements:

* Hosts the longest running Hip-Hop show in the Inland Empire; BricktoyaFace's It's The Common Ground.

* Performed at the Make Music Pasadena Festival June 7th, 2014 (35,000 people in attendance)

*Performed at the 4th Annual D.I.Y. Music and Fashion Festival in Pomona, Ca