Nasty Nativ


Nasty Nativ always had an ear for all types of music due to the eclectic collective of music his family listened too: his father listened to Classic crooners like Sinatra, his mom loved the Beetles & Disco, Sister was into alternative rock, and his brother was into techno and Rap music. This environment led Nativ to have an appreciation and love for all music.

A two channel mixer and a pair of CD controllers changed Nativ's life indefinitely. DJ'ing parties in high school and spinning at events for friends and family where humble beginnings. After saving up enough money, he bought two Technics 1200s, a mixer, and some records. In college he was introduced to Serato and began his Professional DJ'ing career. Nativ began working the club circuit which led him to working with legends in the DJ world such as, The Baka Boys, DJ Chuck Fresh, DJ Vice and DJ Fashen from The Scam Artists. Nativ went on to open for artists like LMFAO, U.N.I., and is now the official DJ of the most prolific music collective in all of the Inland Empire: Royal Gambling Club.

Currently Nasty Nativ holds a bi-weekly Thursday night residency at the Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside, and is working of his debut RGC project that will feature original remixes and mash ups.

Notable Achievements:

* Performed at the Make Music Pasadena Festival June 7th, 2014 (35,000 people in attendance)

*Performed at the 4th Annual D.I.Y. Music and Fashion Festival in Pomona, Ca